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Your life isn't a TV show
Life should not be a list of achievements you have accomplished, but rather a culmination of the effects of the practices you have maintained, for how long, and with whom.

It's not about how many gold medals you were able to collect, but rather about how you were able to practice the sport of excelling, who you were able to practice that sport with, and the consequences of that practice.

An "achievement-oriented" lifestyle resembles a fixation with how your life looks and sounds, not how it feels. Your life isn't a TV show; you should not be optimizing for neat narrative accomplishments of "the protagonist". Your life is a consistent practice in each moment.

If you ever require a life narrative, you will never struggle to find an abundance of them in the infinite complexity of a real life lived fully. Ironically, a life lived in pursuit of narrative will often seem shallow and boring. The depth and complexity of your true motivations vastly exceed those of any protagonist you could construct for yourself.

Your life isn't a series of instagram posts, it's the act of taking the picture, adjusting it, and deciding it's worthy.

Your life isn't a map of countries you've been to, but the reasons you had for going, and the experiences you had while you were there.

Your life isn't a series of weekly blog posts, it's the process of sparking your creativity and writing.

Your life isn't a collection of projects you've contributed to, it's the philosophy you developed while doing so.

Your life isn't the memories of the times you got high with your friends, it's the exploration of unique intersocial and intrasocial boundaries.

Your life isn't all of the books you've read and notes you've taken, it's the practice of taking those notes and reading those books.

You're alive when you post, not when you have posted.

You're alive when you travel, not when you have traveled.

You're alive when you write, not when you have written.

You're alive when you program, not when you have programmed.

Your life isn't a TV show. It's a practice.
my writing
For the last couple years, I've been writing just for myself, in my notes, because most of my thoughts have been in an 'unrefined' state.

This feed is a container for just that sort of unrefined thought. Perhaps my unrefined thoughts deserve room to breathe, outside of my journal.

I hope my ideas can spark curiosity, ambition, and love.

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